Solve tough challenges using smart BOTs

SmartBotHub™ solves tough challenges and unearths new opportunities for enterprises with customer care and digital marketing programs. It is specifically designed for teams who need always on self-service support and sales capabilities for their new and existing customers and want to delight users with an online engagement experience which is effective and representative of their brand.

Smarter Business With SmartBotHub

SmartBotHub™ enables enterprises to create compelling (chat) message (bot) automated transactions for customers and employees enabling businesses to move faster and provide “always on” services.

SmartBotHub™ is an omnichannel, highly agile platform that connects enterprise applications and services allowing companies to create compelling and easy-to-use chatbot experiences for their customers. Our proven track record speaks for itself with over 11 years of sophisticated UI/UX design and deployment experience for millions of Fortune 500 end users.

The World Loves Messaging

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    Billions of Users

    There are over 4 billion messaging app users. Additionally, 6 out of 10 smartphone apps are messaging apps.

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    Higher Conversion Rates

    Customers engage 65% longer and convert at 10 times higher rate on messaging apps than other channels.

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    More Efficient Employees

    Employees are up to 30% more efficient with simple, intuitive, conversational interfaces to their daily applications and processes.

Welcome to the


  • ONE PLATFORM TO DESIGN, DEPLOY AND MANAGE chatbot experiences. One comprehensive platform means simplicity and cost savings to any enterprise.

  • ONE CONVERSATIONAL INTERFACE experience for users that is fast, efficient and “always on”.

  • ONE PLATFORM WITH OMNI-CHANNEL SUPPORT: Reach all customers and employees across all messaging channels (instant messaging, texts, web, email).

  • ONE INTEGRATION LAYER TO YOUR BACK-END SERVICES, DATA, AND APPLICATIONS: A bot is only as good as the information to which it has access. SmartBotHub™ provides a state-of-the-art integration engine that auto-generates APIs and simplifies the integration to enterprise systems.

How Can SmartBotHub™ Help Your Enterprise?


Sales & Marketing

  • Engage and solicit applications/quotations that become sales-qualified leads.
  • Up-sell recommendations produced by virtual sales agents
  • Create easier sales pipelines updating processes for direct sales teams

Operations & HR

  • Provide employees ways access to the information they need via efficient bots
  • Make annual benefits changes and enrollment more intuitive and easy to manage via bot-guided services

Customer Service & Care

  • Provide compelling self-care options via bots that reduce calls to call centers
  • Provide the “always on” experience customers demand
  • Make your service agents more efficient through bot tool use

Information Technology

  • Create virtual IT help desk agents that provide quick response to employees
  • Provide mobile transaction experiences your business demands without the heavy cost of mobile apps
  • Provide quick, easy, conversational interfaces to your business applications and services