Bot Development Services

Poor planning and design of chatbot use cases is one of the major reasons for failure in adoption and user experience. SmartBotHub™ has over 11 years of successful enterprise technology consulting and delivery. We have handled customer experience projects that have reached scale of tens of millions of end users. We understand customer experience. Just ask some of our clients!



SmartBotHub™ Design and Deployment Services

Get all the help you need, when you need it.


Smart Design

We supply a technical account manager to interview, observe and assess your “use case” objectives and customer engagement goals. We collect the API’s and data sources needed and create an initial design that is reviewed and approved by your team.


Smart Agile Development

Using Agile development methodology, we go to work in creating a first iteration of the chatbot for your team to use and provide feedback. We then iterate from there until final acceptance. We ensure all data feeds and interfaces are functioning as intended.


Smart Deployment

We handle the various registrations of the chatbot via channel deployment. We monitor the deployment and usage for any unanticipated behaviors. We provide 24×7 escalation services for the enterprise as part of our service.