Customer Care

The SmartBotHub™ Smart Help Solution offers a robust and instantaneous virtual agent conversational experience. New agents can be as productive and capable as more experienced agents. The chatbot will provide customer care agents with information they need with a quick and simple dialogue. Customers will get common issues or questions answered with a self-help experience delivered by the virtual agent bot.

Business Drivers

  • Agent turn over/attrition creates escalating costs which can be avoided with chatbots that have the inherent knowledge & answers to help new agents be more productive, faster and give more likely first call resolutions
  • 74%+ of customers are expecting improved self-service options, according to Forrester research, and demand first call resolution experiences


  • A sophisticated integration engine that ensures the chatbot can access the required information and responses from backend corporate systems
  • Multi-channel support so customers can access self-help from web, SMS, or instant messaging channels
  • Omni-channel support so that the conversation that customers have with the chatbot agent is also available to live agents in the case of a customer care hand-off from chatbot to live agent