Rising costs and poor quality of service are the major driving forces behind poor patient engagement. Bots can be available round-the-clock to offer patient access to all kinds of health support.

Business Drivers

  • A younger and more technology savvy consumer is expecting “one click” easy to use/access services that are always on and “get me”/ “know my needs”
  • Data fragmentation is prevalent in healthcare with consumer information often is many disparate applications or systems. Having a common view of this information is important particularly when trying to address a customer/patient in a customer service experience
  • Lack of availability of doctor time. Healthcare practitioners have limited time for any given customer whereas customers are pushing down the doors with more questions and wanting healthcare advice/info/and always on availability to a practitioner


Bots created on SmartBotHub™ can provide easy to use critical information to consumers like information about medical conditions or even triage the consumers symptoms. Finding the best or closest doctor is an easy dialogue with a bot. SmartBotHub™ has the ability through its API management back end features to connect to disparate applications and data bases of the enterprise and bring together in one bot conversation flow the right data or information about the consumer or about their questions solving the issues of disparate and fragmented data.