Identity & Access Management Bot

The SmartBotHub Access BOT solution provides IAM/IGA organizations the next generation user experience for requestors and approvers of access rights. Now the workforce can request and approve systems and applications access in a simple and intuitive way across the full employment lifecycle. Increase employee productivity while maintaining secure access policy governance. Check out the video for a further explanation of Access BOT.

Business Drivers

  • Increase adoption and use of IAM/IGA services through an easy to use conversational interface that saves time and effort on the part of requestors and approvers.
  • Increase compliance of policy and timeliness of approvals.
  • Increase discovery of access needs and options by proactively dialoguing with employee based on their job title/role.
  • Capture important analytics on the onboarding of new employees relative to access governance


  • An intuitive, conversation based, dialogue bot that dramatically reduces the complexity of the end user experience
  • Quick notifications to managers and others involved in access governance to expedite approvals
  • Omni channel support so that any preferred channel is supported (IM/VOICE/SMS/WEB CHAT).
  • Sophisticated integration plug-ins to common governance platforms like Oracle, CA and SailPoint.