SmartBotHub, LLC Announces Customer Growth

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Seattle, Washington – May 29th, 2017 – SmartBotHub, a leading enterprise software chatbot platform and bot builder company, announces Engage2Excel as a recent customer addition to the SmartBotHub customer portfolio.

Engage2Excel is a leader in the employee engagement and recognition market. “We are pleased to be using SmartBotHub’s enterprise chatbot platform to create compelling conversational interfaces to our recognition and rewards platform,” said Jeff Gelinas, VP of People and Product for Engage2Excel. “We selected SmartBotHub because of their leadership, innovation and quality of the chatbot platform. We wanted to bring continued innovation to our customers and their workforces to improve employee engagement and make it incredibly easy for employees to participate in our programs.”

Andy Wells, CEO of SmartBotHub said, “We are pleased to include Engage2Excel to a list of marque enterprises that we are engaged with. Our goal is to bring innovative chatbot experiences to our customers that increase their customer engagement, increase revenues and create more efficient operational environments in the enterprise.”

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About SmartBotHub, LLC

SmartBotHub, LLC is an industry-leading enterprise chatbot product and services company providing the leading cloud hosted enterprise smart chatbot platform for developing, deploying and managing chatbots. “Smart Services” are our portfolio of chatbot design, development and deployment services for enterprises. SmartBotHub is an omni-channel and highly agile platform for interfacing into Enterprise applications and services to create compelling chatbot experiences. We have over 11 years of sophisticated UI and UE design and deployment experience across millions of end users with Fortune 500 companies.