SmarTek21, LLC Announces SmartBotHub Chatbot Software Platform 1.5

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Seattle Washington – June 1st, 2017 – SmarTek21 announces version 1.5 of SmartBotHub, a leading enterprise software chatbot platform and bot builder.

SmartBotHub version 1.5 builds on the v.1 launch earlier in 2017. Additional channel support is provided including all available Instant Messaging applications as well as Web and native Text channels. Increased security features and bot building tools are also now available. SmartBotHub enables enterprises to reach all customers or employees through it’s omni-channel capability. Platforms like Skype and Facebook for instance don’t enable the same transparent experience across other channels.

“I am excited about the progress our company has made in such a short period of time”, said Andy Wells, CTO of SmarTek21. “One of the key factors in successful bots is the upfront design process. We pride ourselves in doing this better than anyone in the industry given our long heritage in IT Consulting and Mobile application design”.

“Enterprises and Independent Software Vendors demand products that enable the support of as many end users as possible with cost effective and agile integration to their corporate systems and data sources all available in a Cloud Hosted, cost effective model”, said Brad Rickman, SVP of Product Marketing and Sales. SmartBotHub provides the following key feature categories to enable the design, deploy and management of the high value chatbots for the Enterprise.

  1. Smart Channel Manager
    Deploy to any RCS, IM, Web, App, Text communication channel
    Scale the user experience appropriately to the channels capabilities
    Create “omni channel” experiences
  2. Smart Intent
    Utilize NLP
    Utilize AI
  3. Smart Collaboration
    Share and engage with cross channel members at one time
  4. Smart Transaction Engine
    Carefully manage the intent and direction of the dialogue
    Avoid “out of bounds” negative experiences
    Auto-handle behavior options
  5. Smart Integration Engine
    Quickly connect to services
    Manage service changes
    Auto generate new connections
  6. Smart Subscriber
    Create and grow each subscribers usage profile
    Establish preferences and Event notifications that are important to the end user
  7. Smart Analytics Engine
    Gain usage insights and trends
    Feed corporate BI platforms
  8. Smart Secure
    Integrate to corporate security policies
    Encryption of conversation and or sensitive data
    Authentication rules enforcer
  9. Smart Builder
    Development portal for building/deploying bots

Contact SmarTek21 today at to learn more about this exciting new technology and how to create real value-add, not hype, in your enterprise. Also, submit your email today and we’ll send you an invite to our upcoming webinar on Bots.

About SmarTek21, LLC

SmarTek21, LLC is an industry leading provider of enterprise-class Conversational AI and data management services. “Smart Services” are our portfolio of chatbot design, development and deployment services for enterprises. SmartBotHub is an omni-channel and highly agile platform for interfacing into Enterprise applications and services to create compelling chatbot experiences. We have over 11 years of sophisticated UI and UE design and deployment experience across millions of end users with fortune 500 companies.