Independent Software
Service Providers

Independent software vendors (ISVs) and SaaS companies are pressured to deliver compelling user interfaces to their services and SmartBotHub provides the ideal platform for creating custom Chatbot interfaces to the ISV’s features. Integration to 3rd Party API’s and built in transaction security are all provided with SmartBotHub™.

Business Drivers

  • Increasing demands to innovate and create more intuitive interfaces and user flows to the valuable services an ISV provides it’s customers (corporate or consumer)
  • Rapid technological advances, intense competition, shrinking product life cycles, unpredictable customer demands and cost pressures are forcing a major metamorphosis in the way software products are developed, delivered and maintained
  • Mobile applications for ISVs are expensive to build and maintain


Our chatbot platform enables ISVs to quickly offer conversational message interfaces for end users to it’s services. This provides a multi-channel access capability for end users which is much less costly to deploy and manage than traditional mobile apps. Users get more personalized and immediate results through chatbot conversational channels.