Recent reports indicate one of the key challenges for providers in the travel industry is the ever-growing pressure to provide personalized and meaningful experiences to the consumer throughout the travel experience. A SmartBotHub™ chatbot can create a travel concierge-like experience where the traveler is both notified of key travel information while being interacted with in a personalized way.

Business Drivers

A recent Deloitte consulting report in CIO Journal indicated noted some of the critical consumer and technology drivers for the travel/leisure industry:

  • Many consumers want authenticity, personalization, the removal of friction, and on-demand functionality in their travel experiences
  • Personalization can go a long way, but getting it right can be difficult for brands since customers’ needs and preferences frequently change
  • Technologies including artificial intelligence, mobile applications, and the internet of things (IOT) can enhance the customer’s experience and remove pain points from travel


SmartBotHub™ enables enterprises in the travel industry to greatly reduce the “friction” of consumer transactions by making the transaction flow simple/intuitive and managing the experience of the unique individual consumer by utilizing the individual preferences that have been learned by the our chatbot platform. The experience grows more personalized and seamless with each use. A chatbot dialogue can be up to 10 times faster than a web or mobile application similar transaction. Utilizing features like natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and enterprise business rules and policies, an end to end transaction becomes effortless by the end user.