Value for Enterprises

The Speed of business is only accelerating. SmartBotHub™ enables enterprises to accelerate sales traction, reduce employee non-productive time, and be open for business 24×7.


Increase employee productivity via personal assistants that reduce the need for time-wasting administrative processes.

While this may be the case, chatbots can serve as virtual assistants for your individual team members, allowing them to focus on the more important aspects of their jobs. Chatbots as virtual assistants are a great way to ensure your teams are working together and synchronized. Some tasks they can undertake include:

  • Setting alarms
  • Booking business travel and accommodation
  • Scheduling, editing, and canceling meetings

Reduce customer service costs while being available to customers 24x7.

Customers want access to customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you want to do that without incurring any extra human costs. Recent customer care surveys have shown that 44% of customers want to access “self-service” support tools any time of day that is convenient for them. Upward of 70% of typical customer service issues can be addressed by an automated chatbot service. In addition, customer service agents using chatbots to aide in searching information made agents 15 times more productive.


Increase sales by making product discovery easier and more engaged.

Customers need easier ways to find and navigate through a wide array of products and services an enterprises offers. 60% of retail sales are influenced by digital mobile devices. 9 of 10 customers do research from mobile and 6 of 10 customers buy via mobile channels.

SmartBotHub™ solutions allow you to implement a proactive chatbot that can help your consumers from the beginning, giving them the chance to ask questions as they shop. This type of solution can be deployed across all industries and is a great way to seamlessly push your audience through your sales funnel.


Streamline business processes.

With a chatbot, you can streamline a variety of business processes across all your departments. Instead of your employees spending a significant part of their day completing mundane, repetitive, yet essential tasks, your chatbot can do it for them, giving them more time to focus on revenue-generating activities.


Empower your HR and IT departments.

Because of the sheer volume of employees in any given enterprise, HR and IT departments are often bombarded with questions from employees. While these are important and can only be dealt with by these teams, they take up a lot of their time.

SmartBotHub™ enables easy to use and engaging chat interactions to quickly provide IT Help answers back to employees. Employees can more easily engage in important HR benefits decisions via a friendly chatbot conversation that holds the employees hand through the decision processes of the HR benefits and 401K contributions.


Reduce expenses.

Enterprise chatbot solutions allow you to cut costs on a monumental scale. Think about it this way: chatbots act as employees…the only difference is you only have to pay for them once. Instead of paying new employees a monthly salary, or keeping a variety of freelancers and contractors on retainer, you just pay for your chatbot, train it, and it’s there to stay.

By implementing chatbots into your company, you’ll also be increasing your revenue streams, as current employees will be given more time to focus on the activities that matter most within your enterprise. Your chatbot will look after your day-to-day operations while your teams focus on generating leads and closing sales.


Get help with business-to-business applications.

Placing orders, paying for supplies, and requesting information about various external products and services are all business-to-business (B2B) activities that are extremely time-consuming; these are currently handled by various members of your teams.

Enterprise-grade chatbots allow you to automate all of the above and more by simply redirecting all your B2B activities towards a messaging platform. From there, your chatbot will be able to answer queries regarding products, invoicing, payments, and more.