• Enterprise-Level Volume & Speed

    SmartBotHub™ is built on an open standards, based set of technology purposely built for enterprises. Your enterprise can take advantage of fast deployments by being cloud-hosted on AWS or Azure. SmartBotHub™ is built to scale to tens of millions of users and 10,000 concurrent users/sessions per second. SmartBotHub™ is able to handle any enterprise-level volume demand.

SmartBotHub™ provides an Enterprise a comprehensive platform for designing, publishing and managing their chatbot experiences. Whether the users are employees or customers, the enterprise can write a bot “once” and deploy to all available channels (Web, Instant messaging, Text). This means the broadest number of users can be reached on the channels they use. A Bot is only as good as the data and systems it can interact with which is why the SmartBotHub™ API management layer is so important to an enterprise. The SmartBotHub™ API layer enables quick and easy integration to corporate systems that bots need to interact with. All this end to end conversation flow is managed by a sophisticated set of features which manage security, natural language flow and the context of the intended conversation.

A robust data analytics engine is included in the platform which provides rich insights to chatbot user interactions and preferences. With this information, the Enterprise is equipped to better understand and market to it’s end users. Ultimately, SmartBotHub™ provides an enterprise:

  • Low cost deployment and management
  • Broad channel reach – reach ALL your customers not just some of them
  • Superior customer experience
  • Ease of mind that transactions are secure
  • High volume/performance support reaching 10,000 concurrent interactions per second


Platform Features

Smart. Simple. Successful.


SmartBot Channel Manager

Enables your enterprise to reach all appropriate channels that customers and employees engage in, creating an omni-channel support model.


SmartBot Intent & Transactions

Provides the capability to understand the underlying meaning of natural language statements and engage in a conversation appropriate to the users intent.


SmartBot Collaboration

Allows users to share and engage with cross-channel members all at once. Email, text, and video interactions are enabled during the bot interaction as needed to allow the user to engage outside of the bot.



SmartBot Integration Engine

Enables quick connections and updates to enterprise services. Auto generate and publish new API’s needed to connect to additional services as needed.


SmartBot Subscriber

Maintains and adjusts a unique profile for each user. Key recommendations, actions, preferences, and event notifications can be managed in real-time at the user level.


SmartBot Analytics Engine

Maintains and measures all data elements driven across the channel to provide rich insights to user behaviors, preferences, and trends. This data can be fed to corporate BI platforms.


SmartBot Secure

Provides built-in encryption of conversations and sensitive data and enforces authentication rules. Smart Secure can also integrate to other existing corporate security policies.


SmartBot Builder

Design, deploy and manage your bots with our intuitive drop-down menu-driven dashboards.  Portal includes built-in testing and review environments to ensure successful publishing of bots.